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In 2005, after years of being on what she considered a conscious spiritual journey and having written Journey to Personal Freedom, detailing many of the insights that had dramatically transformed her life, Esther found herself in a state of despair that was completely foreign to her. She didn’t recognize herself. She couldn’t access the positive person she had been. Her life seemed black and hopeless.

Through it all, she kept hearing two messages. The first was, “Trust yourself.” The second was, “You know that your life is about telling stories that inspire people. You are now creating another story to tell.”

Her response was, “Are you nuts? This is humiliating. Do you honestly think I would ever tell anyone that after all my profound insights and inspirations I found myself with no hope. Besides, I would have to survive this to tell the story and I’m quite sure that won’t happen.

Esther, of course, did survive and she has inspired many people by telling this story.

It was this experience that shattered many of the beliefs that she had held on to, even though they caused her pain. She learned to implicitly trust her inner knowing, thereby experiencing true freedom for the first time.

Esther wrote the story of that death and rebirth in Giggle Factor, a Grownup Fairy Tale.

She continues to inspire people with her talks, coaching and writing, always encouraging others to trust their own knowing.

She gets great pleasure from supporting other writers to blossom into authors so that their inspirational stories can reach the people they are meant to inspire.

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