Giggle Factor

Giggle Factor - Esther Hart - Author, Mentor, CoachPrologue

Once upon a time…oooops…that’s not quite right. Where I am there is no time. There isn’t even a where. Actually there aren’t even words. Therefore I don’t have a name but, since you understand everything through words, you can call me Giggle.

I am the creator of words. With words I created stories. I created stories of the sun, moon, stars, planets and vast universes; stories of people, animals and plants; stories of science, religion and philosophy; stories of gods and goddesses. Everything you ever heard of and lots you haven’t heard of is stories that I created with words.

I am such a great story teller that the stories appear real, certainly most of the characters in the story think they are real—until they become aware of “The Giggle Factor” that is. After that the story changes quite dramatically.

Think of yourself as a character in a fiction novel. You have a relationship with the author but you can’t know the author because you’re not real. You seem real. Of course you do. Everything in your experience seems real. When you get hurt, it really hurts. When you touch something it feels solid. How can you imagine that a table or a person is not real?

You can’t, because that’s how I created the story of you.

Just like in a novel, where the characters appear to be making decisions but obviously it’s the author making all the decisions, you probably feel like you’re making choices and you might even be feeling guilty about some of those choices. “Whoa,” I can hear you screaming, “of course I make choices and my experience is the result of the choices I make. My thoughts create my reality.”

Well, that’s another story I created. But have you noticed that it’s not reliable?

Sometime you have positive thoughts and something positive happens and you think, “Look what I created with my thoughts.” Other times you have positive thoughts and your life seems to go “down the drain.” Then you think, “I did something wrong. I must be blocking what I really want.” Then you beat yourself up and hunt and hunt for what you’re blocking.

You can let all that go now. You can rest in the assurance that everything that ever happened in the story of your life was created by me, Giggle. You have never done anything wrong and you never will. You don’t make mistakes and you are never bad or wrong. You are never “not enough” or “not good enough.” You are the exact perfect story that I created; a story of love and hate, joy and sadness, peace and war, comfort and pain, beauty and ugliness, good and bad.

You may have heard the saying that FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. Actually all Evidence, that convinces you that you or your experiences are Real, is False. There is nothing real and nothing to fear. Your story will unfold exactly the way I create it. You will never be punished for your choices. You will only have experiences. Some you will like and some you won’t. It’s how I wrote your story.

You can let go of judging people who don’t agree with you or behave in ways you don’t approve of. They are not wrong and neither are you.

You have your own unique story. Whether you believe in a religious teaching, astrology, psychic phenomenon, extra terrestrials or any other belief system, your story is true—for you. Every story I ever created is true—AND IT’S NOT REAL.


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