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Hey, Esther, I want to thank you for your time yesterday and so much appreciate your talents. Every suggestion you made, as far as I’m concerned, was bang on. You’re good, like REALLY good, and it’s exactly what I needed to move this book, this story, forward. I can’t put into words how fortunate I am to have you as an editor and critic. You see things that I don’t see and that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Keep up the good work. We’ll get this second one done as a team and won’t put it out there until it’s “good to go.”

Ken Fugitt, The Affects of War on a Godless Dog Lover

What can be more difficult than self-publishing? Doing it for the first time.

Connect the future of your work with Esther Hart. She will not only show you the light at the end of the tunnel but will guide you there with your ever growing confidence. My experience with Esther started with her as my editor becoming my counsellor to becoming my mentor to finally being my friend. Work has never been more enjoyable and I have grown even prouder of my work after her fine tutelage.

Gordon Allen author of Celesta’s Magical Journey
published by Aspire Books

I thank Esther Hart whose invaluable skill, commitment, kindness and deep love have made the completion of this book possible.

From the day she said YES to helping me see my book to the finishing line, there has only been delight. When I have been overwhelmed by the immensity of this task, her consistent joy, ease and enthusiasm erased any doubt in me.  Instead her joy was contagious enabling me to come to these pages with passion and purpose.  Because of Esther I have experienced what it is to be believed in and know the glorious gift of love without conditions.

June Swadron, Re-Write Your Life, A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives


To Esther Hart, my sincerest appreciation for your encouragement, sensitivity, patience and superb editing skills that got this project back on track and saw it to completion.  Your commitment to the success of the book made the difference.

Daryl Wood, So What, Now What

The Author’s Support Group has been a very nurturing environment to hatch my fledgling play and gradually take the steps to learn to fly. A great environment to meet others of like mind, also.

Amy Robertson

Both of these women, Esther and June, radiate the essence of awakening to our true selves. They have the lovely ability to hold a group in open space and allow the creative muse in us to aspire to all she/he can be, and fly!

Stephanie Needham


I loved being in the safe container of the Author Support Group. The words of encouragement and wisdom from June, Esther and my sister writers were like powerful medicine, inspiring me to write and then write some more. I look forward to continuing and meeting more writers in the September group.

 Monica Kingsbury

As a writer working on my first book, I found June’s gentle suggestions and Esther’s technical know-how invaluable.  Writing can be lonely work; their team approach encouraged a strong bonding and mutual support among the group members.  Especially helpful were tips on how to still the negative inner critic and how to break through writer’s block.  I highly recommend this course.

Ella Brown

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