Journey to Personal Freedom

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You probably found this book in the “Non-Fiction” section but I want to assure you that it is definitely fiction. It is fiction because the stories are my recollections of some of my experiences and I have long since learned that my memory is far from accurate. At least, when others tell of the same incident, their story is usually different from mine. Rayner Heppenstall said, “We are all largely fictitious even to ourselves.” I can certainly relate to this.

This is a collection of stories, theories and truths that I retrieve from my memory banks or make up as I sit in front of the computer. (Sometimes when I reread a section I learn that things that I thought I made up are actually memories.) The stories are not told in chronological order but as they fit into specific topics. There will be some overlap because some of the events fit into several chapters. The thoughts are not intended to provide a definitive guide to anyone on any subject. I simply share them in case they may turn a key that unlocks a truth inside of you. I hope that as you read these stories you will feel comfortable saying: “This is garbage.” or “Yeah, that feels good.” or “Wow! I thought I was the only one who felt that way”.

Most of all I want you to feel free to react honestly and to choose for yourself what works and what doesn’t. You see, by the time you read this I will probably have changed my mind on a number of theories or truths because each new experience leads me to new levels of understanding. If you asked me today to name my favourite fruit in the whole world I would not be able to do it because I have not experienced every fruit in the world. And so my truths are only based on my experiences to date.

My truths come from my experiences and, as I said, I share them in case they help you find your truths, not so that you will adopt them as your truths. I recall a discussion of differing beliefs where a friend asked, “Do you think one day we will find out the one real universal truth?” The answer came to me instantly, “There is no such thing, because that would mean that some of us, or maybe all of us, are wrong.”

Recently, Denis, the new love in my life, phoned me from Thailand. When I asked him the time, he said it was noon on Thursday. He asked me the time and I said it was 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Was one of us lying? Is there some way to find a universal truth about the time? No. Each of us had the truth based on our situation and how we were experiencing the world at that time. I saw it expressed this way. “The truth is what you believe, not what someone tells you is true.”

My journey to personal freedom has been about being open to my inner voice and becoming comfortable with my truths no matter what anyone else thinks. That journey has involved pain and joy as well as a series of miracles, some of which I share in this book. Grace, a psychic discussed later, tells me that my journey will be complete when the book is finished.

Throughout the book I will refer to many people only by their first names to give them some measure of privacy. They will recognize themselves but I don’t want to be responsible for making their lives public. Some immediate family members will, of course, be recognizable and I have used full names for people who are already public figures.

I thank everyone who participated in my journey. When I refer to painful episodes, it is not to judge anyone’s behaviour but, instead, to focus on the evolution of my soul and to share how I experienced a situation. I honour those who were prepared to share their pain with me. Without pain there would be no healing.

The fact that you are reading this book leads me to believe that you are also on a journey to find your personal freedom. When I read a book, it is not to remember what I read but instead to be reminded of what I already knew and forgot. I hope this book triggers some memories for you. My life and writing this book have been a healing journey. I offer the book to you in the hope that it will provide you with healing, inspiration and entertainment.

When was explaining to Joan that I wanted to support people in their journey to personal freedom and wanted her to understand what I meant by that. The explanation came out sounding a little like a poem so I came home and wrote the poem which follows. Hopefully it will clarify for you the goal of this book.

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