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Convenient Mistruths: A Novel of Intrigue, Danger, and Global Warming by [Strong, Geoff]Convenient Mistruths

A Novel of Intrigue, Danger, and Global Warming

Geoff Strong

The setting for this novel is some years in the future. A Canadian climate scientist, Dr Eric Nicholson and his colleagues worldwide, are frustrated by long inaction on the climate crisis by governments. Atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions have been accelerating, despite the 2016 COP-21agreement in Paris,and very serious weather impacts are being felt all over the globe.

The story begins when Eric’s Russian colleague, Ivan Mazurenko, discovers a chilling new source of methane emissions in the Barents Sea, where extensive oil and gas drilling are taking place. This significant addition to greenhouse gas emissions threatens to plunge the world into an accelerated global warming event, possibly even a deadly runaway greenhouse. Eric’s wife, Carol, and their adult children, Julia and John, become involved through their careers in weather forecasting, environmental law, and environmental engineering respectively. Rogue climate denialists, secretly funded by a huge petroleum conglomerate, are determined to stop climate scientists from releasing vital information on the global threat, and use all means towards this.

There follows a trail of international corruption, mystery,murder, and kidnapping, ultimately involving government and industry in several countries. After several ‘storms of the century’ that result in significant loss of life and damages on massive scales, governments finally start to take serious action to reverse the effects of global warming.  . . .But will it be too late?

Read this novel to discover the risks some people take to tell the truth, and the lengths some people will go to for the sake of profit. While being entertained, you may learn valuable information about anthropogenic global warming.



The Effects of War front cover smallThe Effects of War on a Godless Dog Lover

By KB Fugitt

Every day is a gift, Tommy Franklin came to realize after many ups and downs in his life. There was love found, lost and found again with his best friend Carolyn Russell. Hope was also lost and found throughout his life. After growing up with great friends and parents who loved their children dearly, in the idyllic setting of small town U.S.A. in the nineteen-fifties and sixties, who would have thought that, as a young man in his twenties, he would hit rock bottom in the beach community of Venice, California? What caused his downward spiral into destitution?

How did he go from there to becoming a successful adult, loving husband and father? Read more and purchase



Celesta's Magical Journey by Gordon AllenCelesta’s Magical Journey

By Gordon Allen

Celesta, a young mermaid, along with her friends Wakanda, the orca, and Croft, the harp seal, risk the dangers of hunger, cold, fatigue and more to travel to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

The intrepid threesome are determined to make sure that Father Christmas knows of the selfless wish of a sad young boy who wants nothing more for Christmas than the return of his grandma’s health and his mother’s warm smile.   Read more and purchase


front cover 1The Oyster Year

Notes on Growing an Authentic Life

By S. E. Young

 Don’t let sugar, stress or sickness sidetrack you from the life you are longing to live.

Do you feel buried by worry and stress? Do you try to eat, drink or shop these feelings into submission? Do you suffer from “doormat-itis” or chronic niceness? Is extreme fatigue part of your daily existence? If any of these issues ring true for you, then you will want to accompany S.E. Young on her journey through all of the above. A mutiny from her body sent her in search of answers for better health, peace of mind and a truer direction in her life.  Read more and purchase


 book cover frontMiracle Val

By Val John

Although it is sad that Val did not live to see her dream of publishing this book come true, the project of putting it together on her behalf has been a labour of love for her friends and family. It has been a way to acknowledge and honour her creative spirit and extend it further out into the world, keeping us aware of her vitality and strength as we come to terms with our loss.

All proceeds from this book will go towards Val’s son Callum’s education fund. Read more and purchase



front cover

Victoria—Bench by Bench

A Creative Guide to over 60 Intriguing Sites

By Rebecca Kennel

In Victoria—Bench by Bench, Rebecca Kennel takes you on her journey of discovery in and around spectacular Victoria, British Columbia. Visit historic sites and gardens; cemeteries and viewpoints; shipyards and restored creeks. Using pieces of local history and personal reflections, she introduces you to over 60 benches and inspires curiosity and creativity.  Read more and purchase.


cover from AmazonFrom Sea to Shining Sea

One woman’s trip cycling across Canada
from Mile 0 in British Columbia to Mile 0 in Newfoundland

 Patti Kagawa

This is an inspiring story of a woman who took three months off from her regular life of being a forester, wife and mom to cycle across Canada; some legs alone and some with friends and her teenage daughter. Read more and purchase.


Re-Write Your Life

A Transformational Guide to Writing and Healing the Stories of Our Lives

By June Swadron

…a unique guided experience that empowers you to let go of old resentments, hurts and regrets and make peace with your past. As a result you will be become happier, have more peace in your life, and will, perhaps for the first time, begin to fully accept and appreciate every story you have ever lived.

How do we do this? We do it by re-writing our stories. Read more and purchase 


So What, Now What? by Daryl WoodSo What, Now What?

By Daryl Wood

Have you ever wondered if you are the only one struggling to let go of your past?
You’re not alone. You’re about to meet someone who found a way out of the myth that our past defines who we are today. Read on … read more and purchase




A Journey to 50 Countries in 50 Weeks Interviewing Women in Their 50′s

By Donna Lynch

Donna’s mind had been reeling in the months leading up to her 50th birthday. She couldn’t stop worrying about turning 50 and what that meant. Her life was probably more than half over, which meant she was more than “middle age”! She didn’t feel 50, but … read more and purchase


Into the River

By Juliana Linscheid

A suspenseful, deeply moving love story, Into The River is set in 1960’s post colonial Cambodia. In Phnom Penh’s glittering diplomatic world, Christina Wyatt, shocked to discover her husband’s secrets,is catapulted from saving her marriage into saving her life as she flees her home… print  ebook



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