If You Feel the Urge, Write Your Book

One of my favourite sayings is, “If everyone who felt inspired to write their story did so, there would still not be too many books in the world.

This has been called the communication age and certainly, with Social Media, we can see how dramatically communication is impacting our lives. We seem to have an insatiable need for information.

Some of that need is for information about products and services. Some of it is the need to hear each others’ stories.

By telling our own story we learn about ourselves. By hearing other people’s stories we learn how similar we are in spite of our differences.

In 1994 I was working through Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way. Julia claims that everyone is creative in some way. Throughout the process I kept wondering, what is my creativity? Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had a gift for writing and that my story could change people’s lives.

I hadn’t planned to write a book. It was not my goal or dream. I did love to tell my stories to people and often I would find the perfect story to help them deal with an issue they were struggling with. I started hearing comments like, “You should write that down because it was really helpful and I’ll forget it,” or “You ought to write a book.”

I didn’t know how I would write the book but a phrase that had helped me when I was managing a symphony orchestra was, “You don’t have to know how you just have to be willing.” I opened myself to the possibility and watched the process unfold.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

Sketch by Josee Boyd (Cadieux) reprinted from Journey to Personal Freedom

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