Esther Hart - speakerEsther has been inspiring audiences with her message since the early 1980s when she gave a talk entitled “Success Without Guilt.” For years afterward, when she encountered people who had heard that talk, she would hear comments like, “I still remember how moved I was by that talk you gave.”

After a brief (five minute) presentation, an audience member approached Esther and said, “Because of what you said today, I have made a decision that will change my life. I can’t thank you enough.”

Esther has a passion to support people in their journey to personal freedom and her talks reflect that passion. Whether it’s a five minute conversation or a keynote address, Esther’s stories inspire people and give them a new view of what’s possible in their lives.


Click on the image above for her talk on Chaos and Balance from October 12, 2014.


The topics Esther is currently available to speak on are:

The Courage to be Free

What is true freedom? How can it be achieved? Is it realistic to expect to be free? How does being free manifest in real life? Freedom seems to be a desirable goal for many people. Yet it can also cause the scariest times in ones life. Esther shares inspiring stories of her own experiences on her journey to personal freedom.

Giggle Factor

Esther shares how she came to the philosophy of life outlined in her most recent book Giggle Factor. This philosophy helped her dissolve the guilt, shame, blame and sense of unworthiness of the past and the fear of the future to live fully in the present moment. She presents her ideas, not as a “truth” that should be adopted, but as something that works for her and might benefit others. Her underlying message is always to trust the inner knowing and not adopt others’ beliefs that cause distress.

How I Achieved Financial Freedom without Increasing My Income

How much money do you need for financial freedom? What would your life be like if you achieved financial freedom? What if you could be guaranteed that you will always have enough?
What if you could create The Ultimate Trust Account? Esther has experienced substantial fluctuations in income and the self-worth issues that result from being “unintentionally unemployed” and having to borrow money from friends and family to survive. She now lives each moment in the confident knowledge that her perfect experience will be appropriately funded.

Seven Steps to Becoming a Self-Published Author

Esther believes that if everyone who felt inspired to write their story did so, there would still not be too many books in the world. She also encourages people to consider that if they feel a calling the write a book, there may be someone who needs what they have to share and writing the book will be a gift to that person—or those hundreds or thousands of people.
Esther has a passion to inspire and support authors to see their books published and hopes this talk will inspire people who are considering writing a book to take the next step.

To hire Esther as a speaker

Email: gigglefactor@gmail.com
Or call 250-896-5933

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