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The Poem : Esther Hart

The Poem

Personal Freedom
The Next Revolution
by Esther Hart

We live in a nation that proclaims loud and long
It’s belief in the personal rights and freedoms of the individual.
Yet there is overwhelming pressure to conform.

Our religions proclaim loud and long
That God created us with free will.
Yet they tell us that if we don’t believe what we are told
We are doomed (or damned).

Our educational systems proclaims loud and long
That they believe in individual learning needs.
Yet the children are pressured to learn what they’re told
Whether it’s meaningful to them or not.

Our families proclaim loud and long
That they only want what’s best for us.
Yet they pressure us to live up to their expectations.

So personal freedom becomes a journey;
Overcoming all the pressure to conform,
Learning to trust in our own judgement
And believing that our own dreams and desires have validity.

Many fear that encouraging personal freedom
Will result in anarchy and evil.

But embarking on the journey to personal freedom
Is about learning to love ourselves.
When we truly love ourselves
We will know no fear or hate or jealousy.
And then doing what we want when we want
Will bring peace and harmony to all humanity.

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  1. Thank you Esther! So true and beautiful! xx

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